Village Drummer Fiction

*In ancient villages drummers would walk down the major roads to signal important announcements coming from royalty. Being a second generation drummer, and father of two championship drummers, I decided to adopt this concept for the imprint of my novels. Please feel free to explore this site, read the blog, check out my novels, and post comments. Your feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!


Historical fiction allows me to combine my drive for learning and experiencing history with my passion for using little black and white letters to create emotional responses in readers. While researching, characters spring to mind whom I want to develop by putting them in situations consistent with the time period. I explore the effects on relationships as they struggle, together or apart. As I write, I endure the emotions and pain tolerated by the peoples who populated that time. My heart soars with their triumphs and plunges to great depths as life deals them pain and defeat. To learn more about the American Journeys Trilogy click here.


The Meant to Be Together series consists of coming of age stories intended for those who love to explore relationships. I was always the story teller in my family, so much so people asked me to write them down. Ninety percent of the narrative in Book One came from my own life experiences. The next three were purely imagination with a few whispers from the characters themselves who tended to visit in the middle of the night. As my writing style developed, my stories included more action, drama, and mayhem. To learn more about the four novels included in the Meant to Be Together Series click here.

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