Black Friday — Cyber Monday Discount Codes

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As promised in the previous blog, following are the discount codes for the Meant to Be Together Series of books. They are also provided on the individual novel tabs along with the links for ordering (Hover over Novels tab on the menu to the right). I hope you will take advantage of these bargain prices to enjoy the poignant multi-generational family saga that explores relationships, love, and life. Books make great gifts!

Discount Code FWMJ9E6L   $4 off each print book from CreateSpace



 $2 off eBook formats from Smashwords

Finding a Soul Mate:  Promotional price: $0.99 Coupon Code: GV64V

The Couples:  Promotional price: $1.99 Coupon Code: KL35L

Finding Each Other:  Promotional price: $1.99 Coupon Code: QA73Y

Growing Together:  Promotional price: $1.99 Coupon Code: LS67B

* * *  All coupons expire midnight (CST) December 2, 2013 * * * 

Happy Reading!

Richard Alan

December 2, 2013 @ midnight (CST)

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Richard Alan

Richard began writing while living in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Carolynn. This summer they moved to Dallas, Texas. They are the proud parents of three wonderful adult sons.

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